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The Song the World Knows. The Story It Doesn’t.

The Song the World Knows.
The Story It Doesn’t.

What Others Are Saying

"AMAZING GRACE is having a national moment. The timing of this sweeping and inspirational new Broadway musical couldn't be better. The staging is superb, with moments of genuine astonishment.

As spectacular as anything on Broadway, AMAZING GRACE tells the story of how the song came to be, and elicits widespread gasps & cheering from the audience!"
The Washington Post
"A gorgeous production of a glorious musical. Heart-stopping, eye-popping!"
DC Metro Theater Arts
"It brought tears to my eyes."
Chicago Tribune
"One of the best-looking musicals to reach New York in recent seasons."
The Wall Street Journal
"Inspirational. Beautiful. Emotional. Exhilarating."
Associated Press
"Nothing short of amazing!"
"A lavish historical epic!"
"Sincere, Stirring, and Romantic."
Chris Jones
Chicago Tribune
"A stirring musical. An epic romance. Artfully produced on the lavish scale of Les Mis."
Hedy Weiss
Chicago Sun-Times
"From the stellar performances to the flawless costumes, ‘Amazing Grace’ is nothing short of amazing!"
Hank Mendheim
Windy City Live ABC-TV
"Curious to know more? Make a beeline for the Nederlander theatre."
The New York Times
"This emotional and gripping story ensures you will never hear the beautiful hymn ‘Amazing Grace’ the same way again."
Paul Lisnek
"A musical of raw power with superb, intense performances."
Steve Oxman

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